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Tchackpoum is 24-bit waves audio samples banks of 3 drums kit for different sampler. Ableton Live, Reaper and Kontakt. They have been developed for play with an eDrum.
Tchackpoum LiveDrummer for Ableton Live 9
Drumracks with all the Sampler rack instrument: Bastard kit - Signia kit - Ludwig Super Classic 1964 kit. You need to have the "Sampler" instrument.
Tchackpoum Drummer for N.I. Kontakt 5
Ludwig 1964 set - Snare Ludwig 64 - Hihat Zildjian K - Zildjian K Custom EFX - Bosphorus - Zildjian Avedis18" - Trash cymbal
Premier Signia set - Black Beauty - Hihat Zildjian K  - Zildjian K Custom EFX -Bosphorus - Avedis 18" - Avedis 20"
See the gif file
Tchackpoum ReaperDrummer for Cockos Reaper- Multi channels track FXchain Reasamplomatic5000
FXchain,TrackTemplate and JS
Ludwig 1964 Set
Bastard Set
Signia Set
Cymbals and  Cow-bell
For installation read the read-me file in the archive or see the gif
audio demo 1 - demo 2 - demo 3 - demo 4
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